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YOTH The Course
Garden of Healing offers Yoga of the Heart® as a 6-week lifestyle improvement course of Yoga for Cancer and Cardiac Patients. Weekly classes include Modified Asanas (Postures), Breathing Exercises, Guided Imagery, Group Discussions and Deep Relaxation, as well as information on healthy eating.

This course will provide participants with not only guidelines on diet and exercise (as approved by their physician) but also with the insight and tools to think and act in ways that  will decrease stress in their lives. We will work together to help you safely enjoy the benefits of yoga, while improving your overall health!
While this particular program targets those with cancer and cardiac diseases, the teachings and practices of living in greater union with the mind, body and spirit, as well as learning how to incorporate physical practice of yoga in a way that honors & supports the body would benefit anyone.This course is most effective when taken with your significant other (parent/child/life partner/friend, etc.) so you can learn and support each other in your wellness practices. A discount is offered for partners taking the course.

This 6-week series is taught by Carla Haynes Siglam LPN, RYT and graduate of the 2011 YOTH program in Tyrol, Austria. Please contact Bharati Carla at 732-718-8381 or agardenofhealing@gmail.com

YOTH The Training
Yoga of the Heart® is a Cardiac and Cancer Certification Training for Yoga Teachers and Health-care Professionals with a yoga background. This comprehensive 11-day course is taught by Nischala Joy-Devi– former Director of the Stress Management Program of Dean Ornish Reversing Heart Disease Program and author of The Healing Path of Yoga. 
The focus of this training program is theory and practice of asana, pranayama, deep relaxation, imagery and meditation as applied for people with cardiac, cancer, and other life threatening diseases and general health and prevention. Instructors are taught the virtues of a low fat vegetarian diet, the psychological and social aspects of disease; as well as adaptive hatha yoga, practices classes, group meditation and discussion.   
As a nurse and yoga instructor, Bharati Carla benefited greatly from this training- personally and professionally. She is committed to bringing this teaching of self-love and acceptance to all who wish to learn to remove disease-causing behaviors from their lives.
YOTH is offered by Nischala in various locations throughout the year. To learn more about YOTH Certification Training, visit Nischala’s website at www.abundantwellbeing.com.