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Green Juice-- Green Goodness
Remaining in Sacred Space
Soup & Salad Recipes: Good Food with High Vibrations
Don't Just Do Something- Sit There!
Their Suffering is Ours


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Study of the Self
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Green Juice-- Green Goodness

We've been exploring the 5 points of yoga in the beginner series and the week on proper diet is always extra fun. I break out the Vitamix and whip up a tame version of green juice for students to try. For some it's their first dabble into juicing; and for others it's a familiar part of their wellness routine. Here's one of many takes on this recipe...


3-4 leaves of kale
2-3 granny smith apples
chunk of ginger (as much as you can handle!)
2 cups 100% apple or cranberry juice (or some combination of these; can be diluted with water to reduce the sugar content.

Remaining in Sacred Space

The mat becomes the place where we can practice ways of being that we can then bring into our everyday- every encounter with our Selves, with others, with the world. We begin pranayama observing the breath before we alter the inhale, exhale or retention. And in that observation comes the reassuring, humbling & inspiring realization that there are things always occurring, with or without our knowledge & influence. 

In asanas we tune into where body, mind & heart-spirit are today. Not  yesterday or what we feel we'll be in a few weeks.

Soup & Salad Recipes: Good Food with High Vibrations

We had an awesome celebration of Love, Peace and Drums this past Saturday, offering Partner Yoga, Meditation, Drumming and a free concert. The lunch was a big hit, so I'm sharing the recipes. May your days be happy & healthy!

Whole Meal Salad
(All organic veggies bought locally at George St. Co-op.)

Kale, chopped
Red & Green Cabbage, shredded
Carrots, shredded
Lemon juice, fresh squeezed
Brown rice (I like the short grain but take your pick)
Baked Tofu (do it yourself by seasoning & baking in an oven or purchase as co-op, package says "seasoned baked tofu"

Don't Just Do Something- Sit There!

It's so easy to keep moving. From one task to the next we are like little bees and ants in constant motion throughout the day. But it's so rewarding to hold still- to pause all the action of the physical body, to patiently allow the mind's thoughts to go through their frantic dance; and then finally to come to the place where none of these matter or exist.
I find meditation is far more challenging than learning asanas, than improving the diet, than practicing virtuous behavior like Ahimsa (bringing no harm to any being) and Satya (being truhtful).

Their Suffering is Ours

We could not dare claim to know how the families of all the victims of the CT shooting feel. We can say that we share in their suffering, we wish them peace & comfort and we commit to see every child as our own, that we must care for the needs of every child under the sun.

May Peace Prevail on Earth

Yoga Healing Comes to Downtown New Brunswick!!

It's been an amazing whirlwind, but the Garden is officially open!! We kicked off with free classes and Biomat therapy demos Saturday and Monday. Thanks to Wind of Anatolia for providing great Turkish music! Thanks to Soul by the Pound for the excellent Southern Black Bean soup- a huge hit!

Free classes have ended but we are extending the FREE 15-minute Biomat sessions for the rest of the month! I just loved to see the transformation in skeptical people who thought they couldn't relax. To me it's worth more to have some who wouldn't have tried it if it weren't free.

Recovery and Renewal

Hari Om, dear friends. We hope you are safe, warm and on your way to recovering from the storm. Take a look around and see where you can lend support. To know who needs help, you need only just ask.

If you are looking for ideas, we have been donating bagged lunches, bottled water and hygiene packs to Elijah's Promise Soup Kitchen so they can provide those in needs with food and toiletries.

Power has been restored to Bayard Street! We will continue preparations to open our beautiful practice space and gift shop, though Opening Day is likely to be pushed back to the end of the month.
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