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Garden of Healing Yoga & Wellness Center
27 Bayard St. (across from Hub City Brewhouse) 
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Hub City Drum n Dance Circle
Every 2nd Saturday @ 8p

Drum n Dance Circle info:
$5 members; $10 general; kids FREE
* Doors open at 7:30pm; Be sure to leave time for parking! *
Partner Yoga, Reiki + Aromatherapy
Held monthly on Sat. 9:30-10:30a

Join Bharati Carla & friends for Guided Meditation, Asana & Breathwork, ending with a Reiki Energy Healing from gifted Reiki Masters. A sweet experience to bond with your loved one / friend / colleague like never before!
No exp. nec. Can be enjoyed individually or with a partner. 

$10 guest of a member; $15 general; $25 couple
*** Check the APP or calendar for dates. 
MUST Sign up for all classes! ***
1) Download our APP in your Android or iPhone store;
3) Leave a message @ OR 908-208-3353 w/ name, date & time of class.
Healing the Heart Series
Yoga + Meditation to Address  
Trauma & Addictive Behaviors
Community Day
Monthly on Fridays
Class FREE with food or clothing donation!
* We give * We receive * We LIVE! *

** Drop off a food pantry or clothing donation!
** Try Wellness Therapies like BioMat Infrared Heat, Chair Massage & more!

8a: Morning Flow Yoga (call to confirm location)
8:30a: Guided Meditation (call to confirm location)
9:30a: Intermediate Hatha Yoga
12p: Gentle Yoga
12:30p: Prayers for Peace
1p: Power 1/2 Hour Yoga
5:30p: Hand Drumming
7:30p: Shamanic Yoga Dance or Zumba

*** Check APP or calendar for dates. 
MUST Sign up for all classes! ***
1) Download our APP in your Android or iPhone store;
3) Leave a message @ OR 908-208-3353 w/ name, date & time of class.
6-Week Beginner Yoga I
6-week evenings or mornings. The program highlights the 5 points of yoga - Proper Exercise,Proper Breathing, Proper Diet, Proper Relaxation, Positive Thinking & Meditation. Small group setting helps you learn safe, fun practice that meets you where you are right now, and sets the path for future goals! 
$81 for (6) classes + 1 FREE class!
Taught by Nurse & Yoga Instructor Bharati Carla.

Call or click HERE for NEW dates!

* * *
4-Week Beginner Yoga II
Take the 5 points of yoga to the next level! Delve deeper into asana, pranayama, meditation & philosophy- all while increasing your overall well-being. 

 Call or click HERE for dates!

* * *
Yoga Wellness Immersion
Delve deeper & address your challenges or health concerns! Take a weekly core class of Yoga + Nutrition and also take supplemental classes to address Weight Mgmt, Pain Mgmt, Stress Mgmt. 
*Take home delicious samples & receive simple recipes that help you use food nutrition therapy to improve your well-being! * Work with an experienced Nurse & Yoga Instructor to target YOUR health goals! *

Tier I: (1) core class + (2) supplemental ea week = $81
Tier II: (1) core class + (4) supplemental ea week = $108

This monthly program returns Spring 2018. 
Core class held weekday evening or weekend; supplemental classes according to your schedule & needs!
Mondays 6:30p

Start w/ a mindful asana/pranayama practice that keeps the body moving, stretching, flexing & strengthening with attention to special issues brought on by the day, the season or your lifestyle. Then be led through a chakra meditation to invite sacred energy to flow freely to support your Truest Nature, most Authentic Self.
Offered by nurse/yoga instructor Bharati Carla.
(Use your member card or $15)

"Because we all need healing..."
Join our Reiki Healers for a healing experience!
A Reiki Circle is an opportunity chance for practitioners to practice and share Reiki. All are welcomed, all are invited. . (donations appreciated)

2nd Monday @ 8p
All levels welcome, but no exp rec. The best way to learn and/or practice to connect with your divinity, ancestors, guides is in a group circle.... all levels of open-minded/open-hearted people are welcome. It is a safe environment for beginners; what happens in circle stays i the circle. It is a great environment for those who don't often get to practice their craft. 

Donations are appreciated..whatever you're guided to give..Facilitated by Marcie Schwartz- Shaman, Healer, Channel

Kundalini Science Asana 7p
Kundalini Science  Meditation

Kundalini Yoga full 90-minute practice 
Using the ancient healing practices of Kundalini Yoga, you will submerge into your optimal health and o& wellbeing, living from your soul. Kundalini Yoga of the Yogi Bhajan System is the Royal Yoga of Awareness that everyone can benefit from. Classes include Kriyas (cleansings), Pranayam (breath exercises), Meditation, Mantra (chanting), Music, Deep Relaxation, ending with a gong sound healing.

Sound Healing

Kundalini Ceremonies & Workhops

(See APP or calendar for dates)
Healthy Body, Peaceful Mind, Joyful Heart

Bring the benefits of yoga & meditation to your school, organization, employees, troop, social group, etc! Customized wellness experience to learn how to incorporate proper breathing, exercise, meditation, diet and positive thinking to increase health, wellness, mental clarity and more in a shared group experience. Suitable and customizable for all ages. Click here to learn more or contact Bharati Carla at
To make a contribution, call 908-208-3353
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