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About Garden of Healing
 Daily stress affects our physical, mental & emotional health!!
It is a well-known fact that the daily stress we endure from the many obligations of personal and professional life can affect our physical & mental health.
Stress affects literally every system in the body, wearing down our defenses and causing many conditions including:
* emotional irritability
* poor concentration
* clenching/grinding teeth
* acne & psoriasis
* GI or digestive disorders
* muscle tension
* hair loss
* constriction of blood vessels
* worsening of chronic respiratory issues
This can make every day seem less productive and more challenging!
Over time, we can suffer from anxiety, poor sleep habits & food choices, a weakened immunity, inability to detoxify the body, and greater susceptibility to chronic diseases such as high blood pressure, heart disease and cancer- to name a few.
Bliss Absolute- result of regular practice of stress management, yoga and therapeutic touch to improve one's outlook and ability to experience each day with a peace & positive attitude!It is also well-known that the healing power of therapeutic touch, the one-pointed focus of meditation, conscious deep breathing and the scientifically-based sequence of yoga postures all bring about  including:

* Increased Blood Oxygen Level
* Relief of Pain and Tension
* Release of "Feel-good" Hormones
* Increased Strength & Flexibility
* Improved Breathing
* Mental Calmness
* Better ability to handle stress and "think things through"
These positive effects can greatly improve your outlook on life, and therefore your ability to experience each day with a peaceful & positive attitude!
With Garden of Healing's variety of offerings, you are sure to find the combination of therapies that suit your lifestyle and wellness goals!
* Group & Private Yoga Instruction
* Guided Meditation for Stress Relief
* Wellness Workshops for Healthy Eating
* 30/60/90-minute Therapeutic Touch Bodywork sessions
* BioMat Infrared Heat Therapy for Chronic Pain
* Modified Therapies for Chronically Ill and Home-bound
* Personalized Integrated Therapy Sessions incorporating yoga, therapeutic touch, BioMat infrared treatment, breathing exercises & guided imagery
Yoga Asana- steady poses that benefit body, mind and soul; and prepare the body to remain steady in meditation.YOGA
* 30-minute Sunrise or Lunchtime Class ......... $10
All Levels
A combination of breathing exercises and yoga asanas that can be done on the mat or in a chair. Just enough to recharge you in the morning or afternoon!

* 60-minute Class ......................................... $15

* 75 OR 90-minute Class .............................. $20
Include a combination of classic Sivananda, Vinyasa and Kundalini styles that will help you to tune in and recharge at any time of day. 60, 75 & 90-minute classes are recommended for anyone with some Yoga experience, Intermediate and Advanced students or students who have completed our Beginner Yoga courses at Garden of Healing Yoga & Wellness Center.

For those with NO YOGA experience.  All classes are 1&1/2 hours long and meet once a week. Learn basic postures, breathing and the 5 points of yoga.
6-Week Beginner  + ONE FREE CLASS ..............$81

* 30-minute Morning or Lunchtime Class ............ $10
* 60-minute Class ................................................. $15
* 75/90-minute Class ......................................... ...$20
FIRST-TIME SPECIAL: Come in for your 1st class, get the 2nd class FREE!!
* Senior Citizens, Students, Military Personnel & Handicapped- additional 10% off all regular pricing. *

*20-minute Meditation Class ............................ FREE
Available 30 minutes prior to most asana classes. Calm down your "monkey mind" for an even better experience during asana class! Check the schedule for dates & times.
Meditation is also incorporated as needed into Integrated Therapy Sessions to guide the recipient through deep relaxation & greater healing on all levels.

Release tension and blockages that build up in the muscles and soft tissue. Naturally lower blood pressure & heart rate, improve circulation & cellular function.

* 30 or 60 minute Chair Massage ..................$27/$54
* 60/90 /120 minute Massage .......................$75/hour

These services are available with any 60 or 90-minute Bodywork session at a discounted rate:
* 30 minute Basic Yoga instruction ...................... $20
* Up to 30 minute Live Guided Meditation session . $10

Three individual properties (Far-Infrared natural light/heat, Negative Ions, and Amethyst) combine together for greater therapeutic benefits including:
* Reduce stress                             * Lessen chronic pain
* Rejuvenate cells                           * Reduce stress
* Promote deep relaxation               * Detoxify the body

Biomat Infrared Therapy
Infrared Heat Therapy for chronic pain and cellular detoxing. FREE 15-minute demo available! Scheduled in 30-min increments when class is not in session. 
30 mins Biomat/wk FREE with 3/6/12-month membership! 
Otherwise, 30 mins = $27. Please call for an appt.
Target the major sources of tension build-up (neck, shoulders, back and arms) in a comfortable setting. You need only remove your shoes!
FREE 15-minute demo available! Scheduled in 30-min increments when class is not in session. 
30-min chair massage every 2 months FREE with 6/12-month memberships! 
Otherwise, 30 mins = $27. Please call for an appt.

Foot massager to increase circulation and lymphatic drainage in the legs. FDA approved for diabetic clinical therapy- to reduce the effects of poor circulation in the lower legs and feet!  
30-min Med Massager/wk FREE with 3/6/12 month memberships! 
Otherwise, 30 mins = $27. Please call for an appt.

Not sure what you really need today? No worries! All modalities (Therapeutic Touch, Biomat, Yoga & Guided Meditation) can be combined into acustomized session specific to your physical, mental and spiritual state andneeds at that particular time.
* Available in 60, 90 and 120-min session............$75/hr

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Healthy Body... Peaceful Mind... Joyful Heart!!!
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27 Bayard Street * New Brunswick, NJ 08901
Telephone: 732-745-YOGA (9642)
Email us at
Thanks to...
*Freehold Yoga Center for constant guidance
*Sivananda Vedanta Center, NY for info on 5 points of yoga;
* Amethyst BioMat for info on BioMat therapy
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