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The Beauty of One; The Power of Many
Let us consciously shift as Mother Earth shifts;
Let us care for & fine-tune our vessels as we support
 the journey of the soul!
One more life lived in mindful consciousness each day is a powerful step towards our continued evolution!

In collaboration with the City of New Brunswick & Rutgers Landscape Architecture, it's a 1-day takeover of parking spaces to create enriching experienes for all!
* Yoga * Drumming * Qui Gong * Zumba * Peace Meditation *
Tibetan Bowls * Live Music

Greater Brunswick Charter School 429 Joyce Kilmer Ave.

6p: Satsang & Bhakti Kirtan w/ Krishnadas Sharma & Madhuri
Bhakti & Japa: Bhakti is the Yoga of Devotion, known as the surest path to Self-Actualization & God-realization. Bhakti is the natural flow of love in and out of the heart when we are able to let go of those things that no longer serve our highest well being. Japa is the recognition of the gentle voice of the heart that turns the search for happiness from being a "search" to an "embrace". No exp necessary. Bhakti Kirtan is in call & response style and uplifts the heart & soul!

7:30p: 55 Tibetan Bowls & Raw Cacao w/ Dr. Dream
We will have 55 Tibetan Bowls from the Gilung & Sindupalachoka Villages in Nepal. We are supporting these villages in recovering and rebuilding their homes and lives after the 2015 earthquakes. Be a part of this truly unique experience, using these hand crafted sound tools that will wash over your being and expand your consciousness.
In addition to including our high-frequency, rose essential oil and 6 other oils, and 7 chakra chocolates, Dr. DREAM and his Band of Angels will have a selection of 55 Tibetan Bowls (Master Healer grade) at this event.


8a: Morning Mantra & Surya Namaskar w/ Bharati*
Where thoughts go, energy follows. Set the mind to a higher vibrational state, begin to re-map your brain and let sacred chant replace the endless chatter. Your mind will thank you.... eventually!
Then flow through the Sun Salutations and learn the mantras for each of 12 postures. Deepen your worship of Sun, Divine Power, of these beautiful qualities in you!

3p: Moon Magick & Manifestation w/ Jimmy Clark
This program is designed to help you understand how to utilize lunar cycles, Lore, and astrology to create “Magick” in your lives, through the specific Art and practice of “Manifestation Journaling”.
A wealth of information on Magick and Journaling is provided, including prompts applying to exercises for the purpose of Life Planning, Scheduling, and Goal Identification, Implementation, and Achievement.
For this workshop, the Magick of the September "Corn Moon" (also known sometimes as the Harvest Moon) in conjunction with the Waning Crescent Moon will be explored. Topics, information and discussions will be centered around themes of Release and Celebration. Being that the Autumn Equinox will be upon us as well, additional attention will be given to *looking ahead towards the final 1/4 of the year, and preparing for it's conclusion*.

5p: Medicinals in Sacred Practice w/ Dan de Lion
Join Dan for this Plant Sense meditation class and be guided to go in depth & discover your own intuitive and instinctual read-out on a plants medicinal effects. Dan will bring a wild crafted herbal tea to drink and take participants through a process of step-by-step inquiry as to “what the plant does” to each student.
This practice enables one to wake up their senses to know how both foods, and herbs effect them on a subtle energetic and physical level. Bring your own special or ceremonial mug and a notebook and pen to write down your impressions.

7p: Group VortexHealing® With Simon Deacon - Magical Divine Energy Therapy
Simon Deacon is a Certified VortexHealer® with a professional 16 year healing practice in the Manhattan. He is UAP (Universal Assemblage Point) and Merlin's Grace level certified. These are the two of the highest and most powerful levels of certification to be on. VortexHealing® is a energy therapy modality that channels powerful divine healing energy and a deeper divine essence of Magical Divine Consciousness. VortexHealing® creates powerful, accelerated, and multidimensional healing for the deepest of blocks, negative patterns, karma, and emotional trauma. It heals and transforms the very fabric of your reality. For this workshop I will be giving a description of what VortexHealing is, how it can powerfully and magically heal all issues, with a sample group healing for all attending. All who attend the workshop will leave with a deep and permanent layer of an issue released from their system and consciousness.

11a: Morning Mantra & Yoga Detox Challenge w/ Bharati*
Where thoughts go, energy follows. Set the mind to a higher vbrational state, begin to re-map your brain and let sacred chant replace the endless chatter. Your mind will thank you.... eventually!
Then take the Yoga Detox Challege! Known as the Har Aerobic kriya', this set of movement, breath & mantra "stimulates the entire glandular system
which helps keep the body healthy. The glands are considered "the
guardians of health".
Practicing this series as taught by Yogi Bhajan will build stamina and help prevent aging. You can choose to stop after 11 minutes or 31 minutes. Set to music of Dharm Singh Khalsa's Jumping Har, you'll be motivated to go with the flow!

1p: Intro to Ayurvedic Cooking w/ Michael Burdi
This class is an intro to Ayurvedic eating. Some topics that will be covered are: Understanding doshas and how they work, the synergy of spices and how to eat seasonally. Please bring a pen/pencil and note pad.

4p: Rhythms for Hand Drummers w/ Raquy
Learn the most fundamental and popular Middle Eastern rhythms and then transfer them to your hand drum! Feel free to bring your djembe, conga, bendir or other drum!

5:30p: Darbuka Technique w/ Raquy
In this workshop Raquy will teach the incredible Split Hand Darbuka technique that she has been learning in Turkey for the past 8 years.
The technique uses all of the individual fingers to attain speed and dexterity.
We will learn cover techniques, Middle Eastern Rhythms and accompaniment.

7:30p: Darbuka De-Light: Darbuka & Oud Concert
This electrifying show features Turkish style darbuka/dumbek drumming. The duet performs compositions comprised of rhythms from Turkey, Egypt, Iran and India as well as funk, samba and hip hop beats.
In addition to the drumming pieces, the show includes Raquy’s dreamy melodic pieces. In these songs Raquy plays the mystical 12 – stringed King Kemenche Tarhu, a futuristic version of the Persian spike fiddle accompanied by oud.
Enjoy Turkish tea and light cuisine, door prizes & henna!

*- Donation-based class (Yoga & Mantra)
Detox Tea complimentary to all registered guests

Day activities = FREE (donations accepted for Yoga in the City & hurricane relief efforts)
Kirtan only = $15 or 2/$22 Pre-sale / $18 or 2/$30 Door
Sound Healing only = $27 Pre-sale / $33 Door
Kirtan & Sound Healing = $36 Pre-sale / $45 Door

1 workshop = $27
Any 2 workshops = $45
All 3 workshops = $63

Meditation & Detox Yoga- donation
Ayurvedic Cooking = $39 Pre-sale / $51 Door

1 workshop = $27 Pre-sale / $36 Door
2 workshops = $45 Pre-sale / $63 Door
Dinner Concert only = $15 or 2/$22 Pre-sale / $18 or 2/$30 Door
Dinner Concert + 1 workshop = $36 Pre-sale / $45 Door
Drum DeLight Pass = $51 / $63 Door

ALL ACCESS WEEKEND PASS = $135 Pre-sale / $189 Door

10% discount for students, seniors, abilities-challenged & military. Enter code TENPERCENT at purchase and bring ID to the event.

Help w/ leaf-letting, set-up/clean-up for 50% any workshop! Email or FB message with ATTN: Autumn Equinox!

***100% of donations and 30% of proceeds go to Yoga in the Community- broadening the outreach of yoga & meditation regardless of economics & other obstacles, and also towards hurricane relief efforts for our neighbors in the south. 

Would your artwork, jewelry or other creations be a good fit for our event? Let's talk! Send photos and a summary to ATTN: Autumn Equinox.
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